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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  January 22, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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and word of the day, don't be a cacogen when writing to the factor. it is going to be a good one, again, thank you for joining us. we'll look at the
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>> just days before the president delivered a state of the union address polling shows both of president and his agenda are in big trouble with the american people, welcome to the kelly file, everyone the poll trouble started this morning finding foreign policy, handling of iran, more voters disapprove than approve. the only thing getting decent marks on is handling terrorism. considering these numbers may be no surprise
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when americans asked do you think the obama administration has been competent in running the government, a clear majority, 53% say no, we do not. and tonight just-released fox news polling with possibly the clearest sign for the falling of the president and his agenda tonight less than one third of all americans say they like the president and his policies look at. that down 15 points in just 14 months. and there is more. former speech writer for george w. bush mark, those are devastating numbers for the president oochl yes. pretty devastating numbers going into the state of the union address. it's been four and a half years now since the recession officially ended three quarters of the american people believe we're still in resechlths you showed numbers on two top priorities, economy,
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health care. his numbers are upside down. that is a real big problem for the president but not his biggest problem, his biggest problem is that americans don't trust him anymore. gallup found the majority of americans say that president obama is no longer honest or trust worthy. a majority believe he lied to us when he said you can keep your health plan. it's devastating for him for the state of the union adrexes people don't trust you anymore, they tune you out f they think you're honest they listen to what you have to say. but if you lose that bond of trust it's hard to turn around. that is what he's facing next week. >> numbers on the economy, you know, he's reportedly going to make the focus of the state of the union. less than a third believe his policies have helped this country, mark. less than a third believe that. and now we have you know a liberal president arguing all along for
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these big government policies. and the question is, with only less than a third believing he helped the economy, whether there is a road forward for left-leaning politicians like this government and big-government agendas. >> there is a gallup poll out also that shows two thirds of the country not only don't like the direction we're going but believe government is too big, too powerful the problem is that all solution he's going to propose to problems are more governing. that is the opposite of what americans want. americans, since taking office the number has gn throughout roof. his solutions are out of touch. one, people aren't listening and two, solutions are out of touch with what the american people want in terms of policy change. >> on that front, you know biggest expansion of government we've seen is obamacare. and
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we've had major news on that today so employer-based health care starting to be affected and aetna whether or not they're going to be participating in obamacare. >> so americans don't trust him. now, okay. there is a second wave of cancellations coming up. people are going to their plans change and it's going to be bigger than those who lost in individual markets. >> it is happening. >> it started happening. what you've seen with target, trader joe's and some other large company that's is just the tip of the iceberg. once target starts pushing people off into
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obamacare and cancelling plans other big business is going to do the same. you've got small businesses found a loophole allowing them to avoid mandates for a year. that is going to expire at the end of the year. come october you're going to have millions of people getting cancellation notices from employer-based plan the lie is going into the november elections. >> they denied it. you predicted this. it's going to start happening and they denied would it happen, it's already happening. and we'll be forced to go on to coverage. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> also developing tonight new drama involving new jersey mayor dawn zimmer. alleging governor christie's administration withheld hurricane sandy relief funds to her town. when we tried
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to check her claims she refused our interview request and ran from our questions watch. >> now it's not just our cameras. trace ghallager is live with the story. trace? >> the hoboken mayor first made allegations on msnbc and now, she's being muchl, quoting here the u.s. attorney office asked we not conduct additional media interviews and we're respecting their request. i remain willing to testify about facts in this case. she claims new jersey's lieutenant governor and state commissioner of community development issued her ultimatum saying approve the 40-story
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skyscraper in hoboken or risk sandy relief funds saying quoting you need to move forward with the rockefeller group project or we're not going to be able to help you the lieutenant governor responded with this, listen. >> yes. i am very surprised by mayor's allegations and i deny whole heartedly those allegations. >> the mayor zimmer being questioned about timing after she claims the christy administration tried a quid pro quo she posted this on twitter. >> i am very glad governor christie has been our governor. he has done a great job for new jersey and hoboken. when asked why she never told anyone about this sandy funds being held hostage, she says no one would have believed her until bridge gate, listen again. >> we look at the parallels you
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have christy administration using their authority to try to get something. >> she says u.s. attorney's office asked her not to talk anymore. we contacted u.s. attorney's office they have not issued any comment about that statement. >> all right, trace, thank you. kelly file exclusive now with a look at 41 annual march for life value raly today in washington, d.c. tonight we have footage from a man who marched with tens of thousands of pro-life supporters gathered to mark the 1973 controversial supreme court decision that struck down roev wade. it's not getting a lot of national media attention. >> last year the day after the march for life there was a small ant gun rally with hundreds of
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thousands. >> i think the liberal media does not want to report about pro life america. >> he was at the rally today and took that footage. what did you find? >> other than my hands being frost bitten? i found droves and droves and droves of people. you know i cover a lot of these mars have never seen one so big. in fact, it was like trying to film the grand canyon, there were so many people. and the most-impressive part about it is that the majority of the people there were kids. youth. teens. and none of them, you'd never n able to tell that it was so cold. they were all happy, everything was positive. and again, i go to these rallies and you'll have someone nutty or
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you'll hear curse words. not today. these people were 100% positive expressing their first-amendment right. that was the beautiful part of today. >> let me ask you this, earlier we showed latest pollings suggesting views in this country are changing. which a lot of people didn't believe was going to happen. they thought people held these views but look at. that it's 48-45 just over a year ago it was eight points in favor of the pro-choice position i heard many suggest that is because of the advance of things like technology. more and more we're seeing sonograms and proof of what a 20 week old fetus which can be aborted here is video of that which is tough to turn a blind eye tochlt
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was that discussed today? >> oh, yeah. yeah. you're showing now there are signs in the thousands like that. and you know, i like to know about my topics before i cover them. i went to this march today and learned so much just from listening to speeches this is where irresponsibility comes in to the main stream media. you can't pretend hundreds of people aren't going to march to the street. the way you solve problems is addressing them. main stream media is irresponsible. some people today said thank goodness for fox but can i just tell you a quick story today that hurt? there was so many kids going to the street. there, i see a sign, pro-life from syracuse, new york carried by kids i couldn't help but think their
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governor, their governor just said we don't want you in our state. what kind of leader does that? i'll tell what you governor kuomo we don't need leaders like you in the united states of america. >> he has yet to apologize. >> who needs his apology? >> and a texas gubernatorial hopeful doing damage control, sort of after news her rags to riches story wasn't true. entirely. davis says her republican opponent is behind the quote attack and is now launched her own assault saying quote, i am proud of where i came from and i am proud of what i have been able to achieve through hard work and perseverance. anyone who tries to say otherwise hasn't walked a day in my shoes her opponent is and has been
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confined to a wheelchair. dana, i meerngs i don't know if she stepped in it. she knows greg abbott is wheelchair bound but the suggestion he doesn't understand and the attacks on him for calling her out on what she admits are misstatements has struck an interesting chord today in media coverage. >> yes. yes. i heard doubling down on this confused me. i think everybody else so greatly. for her to say something like that. i think her ex-husband needs to question how far his money at harvard went. you think a candidate would more carefully choose their words. but it's not greg abbott who is criticizing wendy davis it's people like me. she's my senator now. i've been in texas for a month. i just kind it odd she claims
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criticizing her you don't understand the struggle. i think greg abbott understands the struggle because he's been in a wheelchair, she realizes she says her language could have been tighter. and then she comes back and dublz up and says that well, you know if you're criticizing me you're a sexist. you don't understand my struggle you haven't walked a day in my shoes well, he's on wheels. she sured be more careful with her words. >> let me give viewers a sense of what she is saying. saying no false attack can take away my story, neither can any sleazy political trick she says greg abbott's desperate attack proves he doesn't understand these texas stories about struggle she says you're damn right it's a true story what i've told the thing is that it's not true.
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it's, the bulk is true but she got caught misleading about when she got a divorce. how long she was in a trailer park. and whether she did put herself through school now we found out her now ex-husband put her through last few years of under graduate and harvard law school and testified the day after he made the final school loan payment she left him. >> exactly. and she didn't have custody of her children. jeb davis says she told him it's not a good time for me right now. was she just struggling as a single parent in boston going harvard is in the real story here is jed davis a better single mother. he's a great single father. single fathers don't get enough credit. that is the single parenthood that should be celebrated she wants sate story is unique. it's really actually quite unique. my mother was a single mother
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raised me for better part of over a decade my mother would have loved to have had a harvard education. so it's very unique to wendy davis. >> well, we'll see. how she manages to get herself out of this trouble if at all. coming up, thanks to you. coming up for our viewers we're going to speak with former special council to bill clinton, many davis. he's written a book on crisis management and does not agree with how miss davis has gone about this. >> first tonight a story seven years in the making this week americans will get an unprecedented look at the romney family's journey to try to win the white house but before mitt hits netflix we have a sneak peek on what went on inside of the romney camp this, is fascinating. watch. >> it's a hard time. george w
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did. feel like who is this whipper snapper that knows nothing. president of the united states on the world and leaders and commander in chief i know all these things they come in and go, they don't prepare. they don't prepare. and they just think they can just waltz through it. >> greg whitly followed governor romney every step of the way. greg, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> unprecedented access through two presidential bids how did you get it? >> i'm in the quite sure. how i got it. i know from my perspective i read a blurb that he will be gathering with his family to discuss whether or not he was going to run for president. and to me when i read that that sounded like the beginning of a great movie. >> so you hit up the family and followed them around f you watch the movie you see romneys in a way many people did not get to see them during the course of the campaign. i saw a loving
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family man. we do see that in the campaign. a man who loves his wife, children and loved by them, relaxed with his private time with his family. some are saying he's so different. >> from my perspective i felt like i was so immersed in the campaign i was not aware of disparity. i would bring the footage home to my wife, she was shocked at what she was seeing. i don't think it's a news flash mitt romney is a family man. what i think is unique is probably anybody running for public office made a claim they're a family man or family woman the footage i have stripped down and bare. it shows he is a family man. >> not just a family man. you walk away thinking he is a good man. >> i agree. just becoming a fly
9:20 pm
on the wall filming a decent person, i think you're going to come back and -- there are awkward moments and insecure moments and some moments mitt found uncomfortable when he screened the movie friday night. but yaechlt i think he's a decent person in my footage shares that. >> there is a bit from his son talking about whether he should run. watch this. >> if you don't win, we'll still love you. the country may think of you has a laughing stock we'll know the truth and that's okay. >> the family has been behind him the whole way. >> yaechlt oh yeah. >> that is one of the things i found remarkable. i felt have a close family, you would spend weeks with romney and i would feel ashamed ashame sad wrong word. but -- >> wanting to do better.
9:21 pm
>> yes. >> there is a moment they're talking when mitt romney is realizing he lost the election in 2012. there is a discussion whether she should call carl rove and tell him to stand down on the challenge he now infamously made whether he called ohio too soon. our viewers, if you'll remember, show them some of the video of what happened that night. do you remember that moment? is that something being discussed by team romney that night? whether carl should continue that challenge? >> i was only getting reports as they'd come into the hotel suite where mitt was. what i can tell you is that it was excruciating to be there and realize as they were, i just sort of assumed they'd have reports, the family would have access that would supersede cable footage but they follow results the same way the rest of america does. whit becomes obvious they're losing
9:22 pm
it just becomes excruciating to hang on and wait for carl rove. >> thank you. the film is called mitt and airs on netflix. >> this friday. the >> the mayor of new york is accused of not plowing parts of the city. picking him up and holding him against me. it wasn't just about me anymore. i had to quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven o help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. chantix didn't have nicotine in it, and that was important to me. [ male aouncer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal tughts or action while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which uld get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a seris allergic or skineaction to it. if you develop these, stop antix and see your doctor right away, as some coue life threatening. tell your docto if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, r if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away
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lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ it's "the kelly file" with megyn kelly. new questions tonight for the new mayor of new york city, after some locals accuse him of not plowing parts of the city in this big storm in an effort to punish the rich. one manhattan councilman tweets this image on the left showing snow-clogged crosswalks, where you can see on the right, on the left the streets of brooklyn
9:26 pm
were clear. there is more on the story. the new york city "new york times" comes out with this story today, from the mayor, who is about as left as you can get. running on the promise, i will take dead aim. i'm going after the rich. ierm going to level the playing field. after spending the entire day saying it was not true, they didn't ignore the rich side, they came out and said as it turns out we didn't do all we could. >> you know, this is very dangerous in new york city to pick favorites with respect to providing city services. it is especially dangerous in acute times like snowstorms. way back in history, john lindsey, clobbered because of this. mike bloomberg almost didn't run a third term because of this. >> and you know who criticized him -- >> the council from new york,
9:27 pm
bill de blasio. >> he didn't think that the mayor was paying enough attention to the less affluent areas of the city. >> the city has limited resources and they trust the mayor to distribute them in a fair way. if he didn't get them on time, then so be it. they will clean it up. but now he is admitting -- >> he admits the upper east side didn't get the attention they needed. >> correct, he claims it was negligence, but if had he targeted the east side because he thinks they're republicans, because he thinks they're rich, some reason that has nothing to do with the re-distributing of city resources he would really expose himself to enormous criticisms. >> we'll get to this, because it is very funny, somebody tweeted, the upper east side people abandoned by the mayor, waiting
9:28 pm
for fema. wait, let me ask you this, they said by the way there was one truck working on the upper east side, but nobody noticed it, because allegedly it was gps malfunction. the reason people went to this place with him, judge, is because he made a point of targeting the rich. he wanted to raise the taxes on the rich, here and still does, he wants to pay for universal pre-k.the governor said we'll give you the money, you don't need to raise taxes. he came out and said no, we don't need it because i said i would raise the taxes and i need to. >> he doesn't trust the state of new york to continue the supply of cash. >> or is that it because he just wants to tax the rich more because he said he would. >> he wants to tax the rich more and follow through on odious campaign promises even if there is a less painful way to address the needs. i have a message for him.
9:29 pm
if he is going to use the power of the city as mayor of new york, to vindicate his position, for providing services which we all pay through the nose to get, he is in for a rude awakening, and his honeymoon is over. >> good fto see you, judge, up next with the sideline drama seen around the world. >> i'm the best corner in the ga the result you going to get! don't you ever talk about me. >> that was nfl player richard sherman after the game on sunday. but it is what he is saying today that got the real attention. >> and glen beck fired
9:30 pm
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. the finally play, take me through it. >> well, i'm the best corner in the game. when you try me with a sorry receiver, that is the result you going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about you? >> don't you open your mouth. i'm going to shut it for you real quick. >> all right, joe, back over to you. >> very upset with crabtree. that was richard sherman of the
9:34 pm
seattle seahawks, in an epic sideline meltdown following saturday night's game. he quickly became up front with people suggesting he acted like a thug. today, sherman fired back. >> of all the back lash, does the word "thug" bother you? >> the only reason it bothers me it seems like it is the accepted way to call somebody the n word, everybody says thug, and they say oh, that is fine. kind of takes me aback, disappointing. they know, what is the definition of a thug, really? >> joining us now, our power panel, monica crowley, a fox news contributor, bernard whitman, pollster. and the definition of a thug, he wants, which i have it here someplace. but in any event, miriam webster, a violent, brutal ruffian, a beggangster, or toug
9:35 pm
>> it is the sat defense. >> i thought he messed up lol. >> he is the best cornerback in the nfl. here is a guy that fought himself out of a rough neighborhood -- made it to stanford. got overlooked in the nfl draft, then made the play of the game. the play of his life, went into the super bowl against -- and beating their number one rivals. he is 30 seconds off of making the play of his life. and the answer is -- >> the way that it has been used in some ways by people on twitter as an example, the context and the intent of it is definitely racially charged, absolutely. >> how so? >> the definition of a thug includes gangster? that is how i always heard it. you grow up watching godfather, the mafia, that guy is a thug, could be a white guy or a black guy.
9:36 pm
>> because he comes from compton, though, it could be used as racist, some of the references i have seen it is definitely, definitely racist. >> well, i mean, some of the references on line are he is an n word thug, that is pretty clear. but the term "thug behavior" connotes what? >> i saw the original interview, i thought what the [ bleep ] did i see here? he spent every second of the game in the interview trying to explain himself, and he actually did a good job, saying i'm a passionate player, on the way to the super bowl. he got overheated. >> why are we so obsessed with it? >> hold on, why ruin it why injecting race into this conversation? >> no, the fans that hated him injected race in the conversation, the hateful things
9:37 pm
they said on twitter. this guy stood out in the game and got attacked for it. >> there are -- >> truly, as somebody who doesn't follow sports except by osmosis, why is this such a big deal? i hear it on television. >> but i agree with you, i think the reaction has been completely lopsided. here is a passionate football player, a professional. >> he came out of an aggressive game where they hit each other and crabtree sounds like a jerk. >> you know, he didn't even curse. i reacted worse than this when somebody in the grocery store hits me with their cart. >> and there are also facts not said. he reacted when the game was finished. he went up to crabtree, offered his hand, said great game, great game, and crabtree refused to accept the acknowledgment. no wonder, rightfully so. >> and from the game and the interview and the controversy, he has actually handled this pretty well. >> and he benefitted from it. his jersey is one of the top ten selling jerseys.
9:38 pm
>> and he said look, i made a mistake i handled this wrong because i detracted from the achievement of my team. so he did everything right until this last comment about race. >> you know a very good friend of mine talked about the use of the word "thug". >> they should have said ruffian. >> and we showed you earlier how the rising star of the democratic party, she gets criticized for misstating the facts of her resume and life. glenn beck got folks riled up with what he said on this show last night. but we're not done. watch the last part of this interview after the break. plus, follow me @megynkelly, you can see the picture here, we got reaction.
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well, we played you part one of our interview with glenn beck yesterday, and that got all kinds of attention. in part two, i asked him about president obama's pledge to quote, go it alone in his second term. >> where congress is not acting, i'll act on my own. we're not just going to be waiting for legislation in order to make sure that we're providing americans the kind of help that they need. one of the things i'm going to be talking to my cabinet about, how do we use all the tools available to us? not just legislation. i've got a pen and i've got a phone. and i can use that pen to sign executive orders and take administrative actions to move the ball forward. in the meantime, i'm directing
9:44 pm
my administration to move forward where we can on our own. but i'm also going to act on my own if congress is deadlocked. i have got a pen to take executive action. >> he has a pen, glenn, he has a pen and a phone. >> i know, and he has demonstrated that he will use it. and had e has a phone. and the clip shows that he says he will use it to call his friends in universities, that will turn it into nothing but activist sites. this is a dangerous use of power, i want to make it clear. everybody knows where i stand on the president. i warn against congress and both parties, as well. we're coming up to an election, and i think this is an awful lot of power for people to relinquish. and i haven't seen the character of george washington stand up, but that is what it will take, somebody to just say i will get
9:45 pm
it done, that is not what our republic says, the constitution says, the american people don't want that. they don't want a group of people in washington pitting people against each other and then saying i'll get it done for you. no, no, no, please, leave us alone. let us take care of it. let's take care of each other. let's have reasonable conversations. but we're not having that in washington. >> do you think there is a move away from that kind of executive power that the president seems to want to assert. do you think we'll see a move away from that sort of executive power in the wake of obama care's failures? governor chris christie's office abuse? these other reports that we have had, you know, the virginia governor today being indicted on certain crimes, alleged, the former virginia governor. >> i think so and i hope we don't have to have any kind of nasty event to do it, like you know, i think it was 1856.
9:46 pm
senator sumner went to the well of the senate and was speaking out against slavery. and what he said, basically, you know, both of these guys, the republicans are the whigs, and the democrats, neither of you guys are going to solve this. you both talk a good game but you're not going to do it. there were about 20 new republicans. and the event that brought everything together was a beat down in the well of the senate. a house member came over and beat senator sumner with the butt of his cane, the desk saved his life. >> you don't want to see us because -- in the foreign countries, where we actually see this happen in the well -- >> right, but without that happening, without television or anything else, four years later a republican was elected as president in the united states. and the whigs were over. if the republicans don't wake up. if people in congress, both the republicans and democrats, don't wake up and say we're not where
9:47 pm
the people are, you will have a whig party. you will have an over sthrow, a the republicans or the democrats or hopefully both of them go the way of the whig party. and it is over. and a return of the constitution. >> let me know what you think. go to and coming up, wendy davis fighting for her political life. lanny davis is next on why things have gotten this bad for wendy. plus, hannity at the top of the hour. this is an awful thing, what he said. it was awful, working at fox, really, i'm not life. i'm not a person who is anti-gay marriage. [ tires screech ]
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well, as we mentioned, rising democratic star wendy davis is under fire again tonight, this time for blaming her republican opponent in the texas governor's race for questions about her quote, struggles to succeed. lanny davis is a special counsel to former president clinton and literally wrote the book, i should say, on crisis manager. called "crisis tales" by lanny davis, you didn't write the boke -- you wrote the book. and it is right here, and i'm looking through this book, lanny, the first one says in the preface, tell it all, tell it early, okay, she didn't do that. >> no, she didn't, i have to separate my personal regard for her, and the life she led. she was a single mother and went
9:53 pm
to harvard law school. she has been a successful politician in texas and i think she did a very brave thing on the abortion issue. so that is my opinion, but as a professional crisis manager i don't think she got out in front on some of the soft spots that have been raised and addressed them very quickly. the last thing she should do is blame the media or her opponent, and address things that were meant to be addressed -- >> she could have said i'm working on my tighter language. the truth is she misled people. i get that people are saying what, she said she got a divorce at 19, and really it was 21, all right, whatever. >> whatever. >> she lived in a trailer park but turns out it was only for a short period of time. people suggest she made the impression she was there for a long period of time. it turns out her husband paid for the last two years of her under grad and the final two years of harvard, then he says
9:54 pm
she left him. so they feel she has not been quite honest with them. >> the reason they say tell it early, tell it all is that the appropriate strategy is people will forgive when you make mistakes. and i don't know what the facts here are. i certainly don't assume there is anything intentional. certainly people 19, 21, you're right, whatever. but the fact is she is a woman who achieved a great deal in her life starting out at a single mom and going to harvard law school and doing what she has done. i think you're absolutely right, megyn, she should have given her husband credit for helping her through law school. and that would have been something to have volunteered up front, rather than react to. >> so she is turning a positive into a negative by misstating the facts about the story, rather than just stating them right. and to be caught misstating them. she should say, you're right, instead of correcting them. instead, she talks about tweets, saying no false attacks can take
9:55 pm
away my story. no sleazy trick will stop me from telling my story. you're damn right. this things as sort of a page one out of a nixonian handbook. >> this seems like the classic reaction, many are angry with the accuser, it seems like an unfair internal compass. it is not the right strategy, because you need to think maybe, i didn't get it right. i did get help. that doesn't change the fact that i was on my own and made it through hard work. and that but, people will allow you to make that if you start acknowledging up front where you made mistakes. >> and the buke, i have to admit
9:56 pm
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don't miss charles krauthammerer with us tomorrow night. see you then. and welcome to "hannity" tonight, we have a jam-packed show, a special "hannity" investigation tonight into governor andrew cuomo and some slurs he has made in the past that you probably don't know about and the media won't talk about. also, the march for life event in washington, and our very own ainsley earhardt has more on the tribute. and first, we begin with the fox alert, we're short days away from super bowl 48, and the state of emergency after


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